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Actually, social media platforms are foremost choice of marketers. This practice has grown immensely and the most amazing aspect is that this practice is giving outstanding outcomes. In past, A great upsurge in revenues has been witnessed by businesses by using social media marketing. Literally, it antalya sosyal medya yönetimi opens the doors of immense opportunities for businesses, and make user familiar with brands and reliable products. There was a time when social media was used for only sharing information and communication, but now it has grown as a most exciting marketing platform. The most acclaimed benefit of social media platform is that, it helps brand in reaching to users of multiple niches. Owing to these, social media has become a most appreciated medium for brand promotion and reputation building.

Basically, social media is the main ingredient of digital marketing practice. Digital marketing won't be able to give an awesome result without its practice. While keeping these scenarios in the mind, experts have devised numbers of digital media strategies and it is anticipated that this will be continued in the year 2019. In this post, I am discussing some social media trends that are catalysts to increase brand coverage.

Collaboration of Public Relations and Marketing

Experts have witnessed a separating line between public relations and digital marketing. Actually, this line impacts the digital marketing outcomes and inhibit the growth. Now, this separation line is being vanished as the public relations and digital marketing is following the same tool such as ads, social media, and endorsements. Today, public relations and digital marketing are working collaboratively and this trend will be continued in the year 2019.

Upsurge in Messaging

Presently, there is no one who doesn't do messaging. Indeed, messaging apps are the most cherished social media platform that will continue to dominate the world in 2019. People have shifted their attention from public posts on social media platforms to private messaging, they are frequently using messaging apps to reach their friends or even to stay in touch with their favorite brands.

Experts believe that messaging is an awesome way to engage customers with your brand. To attain desired customer engagement, various brands are being utilized messaging to reach esteemed customers.

Various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger have already instituted some remarkable features such as bots for stories and news update that drive excessive user engagement and enhance customer service.

Podcasts, Videos and Live Streaming

It is evident that blog posting is a crucial aspect of social media marketing. In 2019, a blog post can be effective. However, a big surge is being anticipated in the use of Podcasts, Videos, and Live streaming. Video marketing is growing and most of the brands are striving to accommodate this practice into their marketing strategy.

Video marketing is very appealing. Users always watch the appealing content. Besides, businesses are more inclined towards the video to boom their sales returns. Soon videos will take over the social media world.

All I have perceived that 2019 will be an experimental year in which businesses will test different types of video over the various channels.

Besides, live streaming and Chatbots trends will deepen their roots in the market and will show great potential.

Big Data

Big data is the most acclaimed concept in the market, businesses are eager to utilize its strength to personalize contents as per the preference of customers. It allows brands to advertise only to those audiences who are interested in the products similar to yours and consumers of brands similar to yours. With the help of customized ads, brands can develop a consolidated relationship with users.

Augmented Reality

In the last few years, augmented reality showed great potential and marketers are increasingly utilizing it in advertising campaigns in different manners. Literally, AR and social media is a powerful combination that can instigate a jaw-dropping customer experience. This technology allows brands to make more engaging and actionable messages.

Numbers of brands are being greatly investing in AR in order to dominate the sector. Brands are ready to introduce AR ads to make social media marketing more engaging. Besides, mobile app developers are also integrating AR camera effects within the apps to improve messaging and customer experience.

What you should know more?

Now, social media marketing is expected to provide huge return on investment. To ensure this expansion, new technologies and concepts are being employed to build a consolidated relationship between brand and customers. To survive in the competition, you have to pay attention to the following:

Understand the audience

Allocation of resources to new tools and technologies

Review social media marketing timely

Focus on reliable strategies

Build trust among customer in every campaign

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Influencer strategy or influencer marketing is currently a hot trend in the social media marketing world. With an influencer strategy, you can engage a new audience and build authority in less time. It improves brand exposure, generates traffic and leads them to your services and product pages. Though it is a successful strategy, managing it is complicated and confusing. There are various hurdles that one has to face before to kick start the project.

As the term represents itself, it is a social media marketing strategy that involves influencers. An influencer is a person who is an expert within a niche and has a loyal social following. And through influencer marketing, brands get endorsements or product mentions from these influencers.

Influencer strategy works because influencers have a dedicated following. They have built trust with their followers and people trust them in their own niche. Getting endorsement from such a person means that you are a credible business or brand . Their recommendation works as social proof for your services or products.

Brands can get high traffic and chances of getting potential customers are also higher. You can also hire Social Media Marketing Companies in London to get quick results for your brand. But let's first discuss what successful influencer marketing requires.

Define Goals

Like any other marketing strategy, you should start by defining the goals. It is better to set your intentions first and determine what you want to accomplish. Whether you want people to recognize your brand or you want them to see your brand values. Another goal can be getting more subscribers and followers on your brand page.

You can also use influencer marketing to generate leads for a desired product or service. Brands can get more visitors and ultimately urge them to make a purchase or to leave their email addresses.

Types of Influencer Strategy

Generally, there are 3 types of influencer strategies that are in practice right now. You either hire the influencers or inspire them while the third one is a mixture of both. Brands can pay an influencer for promotion or they do it for free after getting inspired by your values. In the third strategy, the brand tries to create a situation by inspiring them to promote on a less budget.

Traits of a Good Influencer

Here are some standards that can help you find out a good influencer for your campaign.


The first and foremost trait that matters is how active influence is. It means how often he or she post content and after how many hours or days.


That's a major deciding factor while choosing an influencer. How many followers or audience an influencer truly has? This can be judged by daily visitors on the blog, views on a vlog and likes or comments on a post.

Social Footprints

This is a factor that a brand has to consider before contacting the influencers. On which platform they are active and what social platform suits your brand. It can be Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other.

This includes the type of content or posts the influencer usually share or writes. Does your product or services match with the content or posts of the influencer? For example, for a fashion brand, Instagram models are a perfect match. And, for a mobile manufacturer, a technology blog or vlog is more suitable.